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If you’re visiting my site you’re on the right track to clearing up your curiosity about human parasitic infections. I know it’s hard to believe but, we all have parasites. Believe me I was freaked out once I learned that I had been a host to parasites…for years! Worst of all the parasites were eating all the nutritional things I was putting into my body. For years I’ve suffered with chronic all over body pain, lets just say I had the F word which brought on all kinds of terrible illnesses. I did a parasite cleanse in March of 2010 and to date I have tremendous energy and best of all, my pain has disappeared completely never to return! Why? Because I found the most natural and pure formula on the market and killed off every bad parasite in my system. I deliberately waited for over a year to share this with you as I didn’t want to endorse or back a product I found didn’t work…But this product saved my life. I’m a new person and now so I’m sharing my findings on this remarkable product that will kill off these nasty creatures that made me so ill.

I’m not going to get into the scientific mumbo-jumbo of parasites in the human body. It’s just a simple fact; we all have parasites. The internet is a wealth of knowledge from professionals around the globe. The links below will be all you’ll need to make your decision to rid your body of these nasty pests. Please view the links to Animal Plant, You Tube, Microbes, and also see Dr. Oz and Oprah’s testament below.
With this ALL natural herbal product WHAT are you out?…NOTHING! Easy to take. NO changing your diet. NO restrictions. And if you think you’ll be always running (no pun) to the potty, Not so…yet this will regulate your bowels.

The Complete Natural Cleansing Solution for Parasites!
Helps your body to naturally eliminate parasites & assist with the die-off symptoms.

As a 100% all-natural parasite cleanser…
Purify is second to none in naturally helping the body
to safely eliminate parasites (and their eggs),
and to assist with parasite die-off symptoms.

Anti-Parasitic Formula
(Veg Capsule Formulation)
60 Veg Capsules per Bottle (30 Day Supply)

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This powerful natural blend is encapsulated in a vegetarian capsule. Ideal for those who might prefer the convenience of a capsule supplement rather than liquid.

100% Natural Ingredients: Certified Organic, Wildcrafted

100% Natural – with NO Wormwood or other potentially dangerous ingredients!
Wormwood has been determined by the FDA Poisonous Plant Database to cause serious toxic side-effects in humans, and can be potentailly deadly for your pets! Always read ingredients before choosing any herbal cleansing product. Purify is a truly safe, healthy and powerfully effective choice!


Everyone has parasites. It’s simply a fact of life. Even Dr. Oz and the famous Oprah Winfrey say…”ninety percent of humans will have a problem with parasites in their lifetime.” Parasites are not just something that other people get in developing countries. Everywhere we go, and just about everything we do, North Americans are potentially vulnerable to parasitic infestation.

If you are not convinced that intestinal parasites are real, check out the recent image of Oprah and Dr. Oz holding “wormzilla,” a human intestinal tapeworm.


Monsters Inside Me

What happens when humans fall prey to parasites? Explore the shocking, gruesome and sometimes deadly details of parasitic infection on Monsters Inside Me.

20 most viewed parasite videos

On TV » ANIMAL PLANT You have to see it to believe it! click here

this is a bed bug. yes bedbugs, fleas, ticks, mites and headlice are parasites too. they invade our largest organ…’the skin’. causing baterial, fungal and viral skin conditions.


A parasite is an organism that lives off the life force of another organism, such as an animal or a human. Parasites eat the food that we eat, excrete in our system and can also travel throughout our body. Parasites come in many sizes. We can see only 30% with the naked eye of over 3000 varieties of parasites invade the human body. They basically fall into two major groups: protozoa and worms. Protozoa are single-celled parasites. When ingested, they germinate, reproduce and can cause havoc within our bodies. Worms come in all sizes, from thread worms, measuring less than one centimeter to tapeworms up to 12 meters in length. Once inside our bodies, their presence could greatly add to the degradation of our overall health.

If you are like most people, you will be surprised and at the same time horrified as you witness the results. The thought that other life forms living inside of our bodies sounds more a science fiction movie, but the reality of the fact is that for most people, a myriad of parasitical creatures call our bodies and our pet’s bodies their ‘home!’


100% Natural with Certified Organic & Wildcrafted Ingredients

See our ‘Ingredients page’ and judge for yourself!

30-Day Comprehensive Parasite Removal Program

  • NO artificial ingredients
  • NO fillers or contravening ingredients
  • NO potentially dangerous toxic herbal ingredients (eg.) wormwood
  • Perfectly balanced and blended for superior results
  • Formulated & blended by a Master Herbalist
  • Naturopathic Doctor Recommended & Trusted
  • Considered by many to be the foremost ‘Natural’ parasite cleanse available!
  • NO Restrictions. NO changing your diet or your daily routine. NO measuring or counting drops. Just 2 capsules in the morning with a large glass of water and your off on a crusade to rid your body of those nutrition robbing pests!

Bella Ve Parasite Cleanser is also for cleansing your pets.


This educational site is for children and adults. With the help of Microbe Mike you’ll learn all about microbes, what goes on inside your gut, healthy living, good parasites, bad parasites and so much more. Have fun!

 The ONLY 100% Natural – Certified Organic/Wildcrafted
Broad-spectrum parasite cleanser on the market!!!

All-in-one formula helps kill-off both small, large, and egg stage parasites.
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See hundreds of human Parasites here on





 With this All Natural formula what have you got to loose but a few million parasites!

Flat Rate Shipping on Qty up to 6 Bottles